Local Color: A Weekend Trip to Inner Mongolia

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My weekend trip to the Inner Mongolia autonomous region was filled with new sights, many activities and beautiful scenery.

I took the photo of the yurts because I loved how the rule of thirds came to play so strongly with only one yurt illuminated by a light. The contrast of the light, which is actually powered by solar panels, and the darkness giving way to the sunrise was beautiful.

When I first walked into the dining tent at the yurt hotel, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the beautiful colors everywhere. They created such striking lines and a kind of crazy symmetry with so many repeating lines and colors.

The camel photo was one of my favorites from the trip because the rule of threes so clearly demonstrates the vastness and scope of the desert. The dunes are also clearly articulated with the sand patterns and gentle slopes. The rule of thirds is also clearly demonstrated here with the camels to the right and the sand to the bottom.