Found Object



I liked the idea that even amidst all of this hard granite, a little life can still poke through.  Photo by Sarah Talaat.



The block is located behind the art classroom building, so naturally there is a little bit of unexplained paint on it.  Photo by Sarah Talaat.



Rocky makes a comeback, and the paparazzi can’t seem to get enough.  Photo by Sarah Talaat.



A little wooden cross under the block.  Photo by Sarah Talaat.



Between a rock and a hard place.  Photo by Sarah Talaat.



Little granite blocks are made from big granite blocks.  Photo by Sarah Talaat.


Found objects have the power to stop us in our tracks or even inspire us to create art. Sometimes they are the mundane, like a big granite rock, and sometimes they are exquisite, like a big granite rock next to a shipping container that says “Fuck me” in spray paint.

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